The Wisdom of the Dead
Rodolfo Martínez

English version by Rodolfo Martínez with assistance from Rachel S. Cordasco

Cover by: Johan Swanepoel

Cover design: Sportula

Release date: March, 2019

ISBN paperback: 9788416637898

ISBN ebook: 9788416637881

Pages : 180


Paperback: 15.00 €

Ebook:  2.99 €

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“You have heard me say many times, Watson, that when the impossible has been eliminated, what remains, however unlikely it may seem, is the truth. But what happens when the impossible cannot be eliminated?”

London, 1895. 

While investigating a case of potential identity theft, Sherlock Holmes finds himself in the middle of a war between the Egyptian Fremasonry and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for the possession of the ultimate grimoire, the Al Azif, the Book of Dead Names, the infamous Necronomicon itself... 

“I do not know what readers might think when they finish these pages,” claims Dr. Watson. “There is a lot in this story that seems incredible, unlikely, as it seemed to me at the time. I have told you what I witnessed, without distortion or concealment. Whether what Holmes and I saw and heard was true or not is for you to decide.”

Rodolfo Martinez brings together two of the greatest literary myths of all time: the Baker Street detective and the misanthropist from Providence. The outcame is a fascinating adventure whose roots are at the very core of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s and H. P. Lovecraft’s creations.

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