Faces from the Past
(The Queen's Adept /2)
Rodolfo Martínez, Felicidad Martínez

Novel, fantasy

English version by Rodolfo Martínez

Ilustración y diseño de cubierta: Daniel Expósito

Release date: January, 2018

ISBN paperback: 9788416637324

ISBN ebook: 9788416637331

Pages : 322


Paperback: 15.00 €

Ebook:  2.49 €

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The Queen of Alboné and her entourage are going to Honoi in a diplomatic mission. Yáxtor Brandan, empirical adept at the Queen’s service, will be among them. But he is not the Yáxtor Brandan he used to be. He has recovered the stolen memories from his past and he is beginning to assimilate them.

Little by little, people and places that until now had no meaning for Yáxtor are becoming more and more familiar and the empirical adept finds himself in the middle of an unexpected exploration of his past. Old forgotten faces from his youth walk his mind halls and begin to give new shape to what he is and what he can become.

His first love, his old mentor, his wife and his son, a betrayed lover and a new friend… those are the faces from Yáxtor’s past he has to confront. And also a new one, an unknown face hidden in the shadows that could be the face of his greatest enemy.

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