Castles in Spain
Edited by Mariano Villarreal
Elia Barceló, César Mallorquí, Domingo Santos, Eduardo Vaquerizo, Félix J. Palma, Javier Negrete, Juan Miguel Aguilera, León Arsenal, Rafael Marín, Rodolfo Martínez

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Anthology, science fiction, fantasy

English version by Gwyneth Box, Sue Burke, L. Finch, Nur-Huda el Masri, Charlie Sangster, Lawrence Schimel, Linda Smolik, Marian and James Womack

Ilustración y diseño de cubierta: Manuel Calderón

Release date: April, 2016

ISBN paperback: 9788416637188

ISBN ebook: 9788416637188

Pages : 344


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Ebook:  4.49 €

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An exceptional chance to get the stories by Spain’s top authors that changed the direction of its speculative fiction

Elia Barceló, César Mallorquí, Juan Miguel Aguilera, Domingo Santos, Rodolfo Martínez, León Arsenal, Rafael Marín, Félix J. Palma, Javier Negrete, and Eduardo Vaquerizo. Ten names that were and are the heart and soul of Spanish science fiction and fantasy. Ten short stories and novelettes that will bring you a sample of its crucial styles, strengths, and subjects in Spain's bigger-on-the-inside history of fantastic literature.

Otros títulos de Elia Barceló

Otros títulos de César Mallorquí

Otros títulos de Domingo Santos

Otros títulos de Eduardo Vaquerizo

Otros títulos de Félix J. Palma

Otros títulos de Javier Negrete

Otros títulos de Juan Miguel Aguilera

Otros títulos de León Arsenal

Otros títulos de Rafael Marín

Otros títulos de Rodolfo Martínez


La crítica ha dicho


If you’ve been living your life thinking that you’ve already read some of the best speculative fiction out there, but you haven’t read any of the stories in this collection, then you’re just plain wrong. The stories in Castles in Spain are not just some of the best to come out of Spain’s “Golden Age of fantastic literature;” they are some of the best in the genre, period, stop, end of sentence.

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